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Your new build home

Any faults in your new home are often covered by a 'defect period', which typically lasts a year (you'll be able to find this out in your home user guide). If you need to make us aware of a fault in your home, then visit My Brolly to report a repair. If there is a repair that needs urgent attention, please call the below number. If it is a gas emergency, please call Cadent on: 0800 111 999


Click on the item below to find out whether it's something we'll take care of for you or if it's something you're responsible for.



Electric fixtures and fittings

We will take care of all electrical fixtures and fittings, including extractor fans, sockets, wiring, switches and light fittings.

Disabled adaptations

Please get in touch to discuss any disabled adaptations.


We will regularly clean any communal areas. Cleaning of your home, including shower heads and keeping drains clear is your responsibility.



Appliance testing

It’s up to you to arrange testing for your own electrical items.


You are responsible for any domestic appliances that you own, including cookers, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.

Condensation, damp and mould

The responsibility for handling damp and mould is shared by us, as landlords, and you. We will provide specialist advice in complex cases and if needed carry out surveys and repairs.

There are certain daily activities that can cause excess moisture in your home, so it’s important to do what you can to prevent it from becoming a damp and mould problem  - see here for details.


We have a programme of work to maintain kitchen units, worktops, sinks and tiling - that includes full replacements, if required.


We will coordinate several routine inspections. This includes electrical and fire equipment checks, as well as testing for Legionella and other sewage treatment checks.



Bathrooms and toilets

You are responsible for your toilet seats, silicone sealant, towel rails, toilet roll holders, any mirrors, shower curtain/screens and bath panel.

Please see information about blockages below.

Condensation, damp and mould

The responsibility for handling damp and mould is shared by us, as landlords, and you. We will provide specialist advice in complex cases and if needed carry out surveys and repairs.

There are certain daily activities that can cause excess moisture in your home, so it’s important to do what you can to prevent it from becoming a damp and mould problem  - see here for details.

Drains, sewers and blockages

You’ll need to have a reasonable attempt to clear all blockages. Please don’t throw nappies and wet wipes down the toilet or pour chip fat or oil down your kitchen sink.

However, if you can’t get them clear, we will take care of drain and sewer blockages, as well as kitchen waste, bath waste, toilets, and hand basin blockages.

Floor coverings

We will take care of floor coverings in any communal areas, as well as in your kitchen, utility room and bathroom.

Shower heads

We will repair shower heads and hoses.


Living room

Coat hooks, curtains and curtain rails

You are free to put up and maintain coat hooks, curtains and curtain rails and you are responsible for the curtain batons.


You are responsible for any damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home. Remember, you may be recharged if we have to repair damage to your home.


Your home will be neutrally decorated throughout. Please refer to the inventory provided to you when you moved in.


We will look after the floor structures, including the floorboards and screed coverings

Heating & hot water system

As part of our annual programme, if your heating system breaks down or you need a new one, we’ll take care of it. Whether it’s gas, solar, air source, oil or electric storage heating, we’ll keep them up & running. This also includes any built-in fan heaters and hot water cylinders. We’ll also maintain any heating in communal areas.

We’ll make sure energy meters, flues and meter boxes are easy to access (keeping the area free from overgrown plants, for example). You can also ask us to relight any pilot lights that have gone out, or to give access to certain areas for annual services.

You need to ensure there’s enough fuel or energy supply for heating.

Light bulbs

We will replace light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in communal areas when needed. If you’re unable to change lightbulbs inside your home, perhaps due to a disability, you can always ask us.

You are responsible for replacing bulbs and fuses in your home.

Plastering / rendering

If you find large cracks in plaster or render, we'll repair them. If there is a structural issue, we'll involve our insurance company.

We’ll leave any cracks that are under 3mm wide (about the thickness of a £1 coin) to you.

Smoke / heat / CO detectors (domestic)

If your smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detector needs its batteries replacing, it's up to you. It’s up to us to repair and replace any sealed, hardwire smoke detectors too.

It’s up to you to regularly test the batteries in these detectors.

Telephone points / sockets / aerials

It’s up to us to provide and maintain any telephone/aerial points & sockets in communal areas.

You’ll need to maintain any points or sockets that are inside your home.



Estate inspections and clearance

We will monitor and manage any discarded items, including fly-tipping that’s on our land. There may be a charge incurred if this happens.

Fencing and boundaries

You are responsible for maintaining all fencing unless it borders a public footpath.

Garden / grounds maintenance

You are responsible for the general maintenance of your garden.

We will arrange grounds maintenance and gardening in the communal areas. 


Our estates team have the tools and will remove graffiti from any buildings on our land. If it’s not Banksy, we will take it off. 


Its up to you to repair any sheds.

Washing lines

You’re responsible for your individual washing line.



Doors, hinges, handles and external locks

We are responsible for external doors and fire doors.

You are responsible for internal doors, including hinges and all locks except in the instance of a break-in.

If you lose your keys, it’s up to you to cover the cost of a lock change or a set of new keys.


Gutters and downpipes

We’ll routinely clear out the gutters and downpipes outside your home and repair them if they break.


We are responsible for all maintenance and repairs to lifts.

Paths, steps and roads

Anything to do with existing paths, roads, car parks and steps is our responsibility. That includes repair and replacement.

Structural damage

Upon finding out about structural damage to your home, we’ll carry out an initial investigation and diagnose any problems.

All you’ll need to do in the event of structural damage to your home is to let us know about it.


We’ll carry out repairs to meter box cupboards. For relocation of meters, please contact your service provider.


If there are walls which need repairing, repointing or rebuilding, we will take care of it all.

You don’t have to repair, repoint or rebuild any walls – what a relief!

Window repairs

We will repair any window locks which have broken, whether they’re internal or external. We can also replace window restrictors if required.

If you lose the keys to your window, you’ll need to buy replacement keys or a new lock as required.


We will coordinate any upgrades to cavity wall and loft insulation. We’ll also replace any loft insulation if we removed any, due to a repair.

Pest control

It's up to you to keep on top of any household pests in your home and garden.

However, if there’s a serious infestation causing damage to your home, like bed bugs or rats, it’s best you ring us.

Similarly, if there’s a pest in a communal area, like rodents, insects or wasps, give us a call.

External taps

It is your responsibility to maintain external taps unless they are in a communal area.


Throughout your tenancy, there are bound to be things you’ll want to change, replace or remove. But, before you pick up the hammer and nails, get in touch with us – we will need to provide you with our written consent. If you would like to make a change to your home, you'll need to apply for permission in My Brolly.

Helpful resources

Sometimes, when it comes to keeping your home in tip-top condition, you might need a helping hand. We’ve put together a library of how-to guides, useful tips and practical advice for maintaining your home, inside and out.
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Pets in your home

Before welcoming a new pet into your family, you'll need to ask for our consent. We ask that you consider the impact a pet might have on your neighbours, your home, the animal itself and your finances before you commit. You will need to request consent through My Brolly.

If you access your home through a communal door, we're sorry but pets are not allowed.

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Communal areas

If you share some communal spaces with your neighbours, there are some guidelines you need to be aware of. This is for your safety, and the safety of those around you.

Your feedback

We aim to make it quick and easy for you to have your say about what matters to you, so we can deliver the best possible service. If you’d like to give us feedback on your repair, please visit our feedback page.